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Resources: Recordings

These recommended recordings are available from libraries, on-line retailers and independent record stores.

Beethoven Recommendations

Ashkenazy, V. (pianist), Beethoven: The Piano Concertos, Universal Classics, 1995

Barenboim, D. (pianist), Beethoven: The Complete Piano Sonatas, EMI Classics, 1998

Brendel, A. (pianist), Beethoven: Piano Variations and Bagatelles, Brilliant Classics, 2007

Haitink, B. (conductor), Beethoven: Complete Symphonies, LSO Live, 2007

Istomin, E. (pianist), Beethoven: The Complete Piano Trios, Essential Classics, 2002

Chopin Recommendations

Ashkenazy, V. (pianist), Chopin: Complete Piano Works, London Records, 1995

Ashkenazy, V. (pianist), Chopin: Favourite Piano Works, Universal Classics, 1995

Harasiewicz, A. (pianist), Chopin: Nocturnes and Preludes, Brilliant Records, 2007

Lang, L. (pianist), Chopin: The Piano Concertos, Universal Classics, 2008

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