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Playlist: Erik Satie Piano Masterpieces

Listen to the pieces featured in Sheet Music for Piano: Erik Satie. You can hear each piece, in any order. The music will work on desktop computers, tablets such as the iPad or Amazon Fireand smartphones.

Please note that the audio is not created for performance or expression but as a learning resource to offer guidance for basic notation.

The full listing of pieces, in the order they appear in the book is as follows (title above, audio underneath):

Le Fils des Étoiles (Prelude, No.1)


Le Fils des Étoiles (Prelude, No.2)


Le Fils des Étoiles (Prelude, No.3)


Gnossiennes (No.1)


Gnossiennes (No.2)


Gnossiennes (No.3)


Gnossiennes (No.4)


Gnossiennes (No.6)


Gymnopédie (No.1)


Gymnopédie (No.2)


Gymnopédie (No.3)


Je te veux TO COME


Menus Propos Enfantins (No.1, Chant Guerrier du Roi des Haricots)


Menus Propos Enfantins (No.2, Ce que dit la Petite Princesse des Tulips)


Menus Propos Enfantins (No.3, Valse du Chocolat aux Amandes)


Ogive (No.1)


Ogive (No.2)


Ogive (No.3)


Ogive (No.4)




Pièces Froides (No.2, Danses de Travers) TO COME


Poudre d’Or


Prélude de la Porte Héroïque du Ciel


Prélude en Tapisserie


Sarabande (No.1)


Sarabande (No.2)


Sarabande (No.3)


Sonatine Bureaucratique


Sonneries de la Rose + Croix (No.1, Air de l’Ordre)


Sonneries de la Rose + Croix (No.2, Air du Grand Maître)


Sonneries de la Rose + Croix (No.3, Air du Grand Prieur)


Trois Petites Pièces Montées (De l’enfance de Pantagruel, Rêverie)


You can find several performances on Youtube which demonstrate the expression of these pieces. Here’s a great example:


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