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Resources: Books

Available from libraries, on-line retailers and independent book stores.

Books on Beethoven

Cooper, B., Beethoven, Oxford University Press, 2008

Haag, J.L. (ed.), Beethoven: Very Best for Piano, Creative Concepts Publishing, 2003

Suchet, J., The Treasures of Beethoven, Andre Deutsch Ltd, 2008

Williams, J. (ed.), Beethoven Gold, Music Sales Ltd, 2007

Wise Publications (ed.), Beginning Beethoven for Piano, Wise Publications, 2006

Books on Chopin

Herder, R. (ed.), Easy Piano Classics, Dover Publications, 1998

Music Sales (ed.), Chopin Gold: The Essential Collection, Music Sales, 2002

Nicholas, J., Chopin: His Life and Music, Naxos Books, 2006

Palmer, W. (ed.), Chopin: An Introduction to His Piano Works, Alfred Publishing Company, 2004

Samson, J. (ed.), The Cambridge Companion to Chopin, Cambridge University Press, 1994

Scott, D. (ed.), It’s Easy to Play Chopin, Omnibus Press, 1988

Whittall, Arnold, Romantic Music: A Concise History, Thames & Hudson Ltd, 1990

Wise Publications (ed.), Beginning Chopin for Piano, Wise Publications, 2006

The Early Romantic Era

Cairns, David (trans. and ed.), The Memoirs of Hector Berlioz, Cardinal, London, 1990

Gibbs, Christopher (ed.), The Cambridge Companion to Schubert, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1997

Johnson, James H., Listening in Paris: A Cultural History, University of California Press, Berkeley, 1995

Kimbell, David, Italian Opera, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1991

McKay, Elizabeth Norman, Franz Schubert: a Biography, Oxford University Press, 1996

New Grove Composer Biographies – The Early Romantics: Chopin, Schumann and Liszt, Macmillan, 1980

Newbould, Brian, Schubert: The Music and the Man, Victor Gollancz, 1997

Osborne, Richard, Rossini, Dent, London, 1993

Parker, Roger (ed.), The Oxford Illustrated History of Opera, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1994

Ringer, Alexander (ed.), The Early Romantic Era, Macmillan, London, 1990

Rink, John, Chopin: The Piano Concertos, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1997

Romanticism, 1830–1890, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1990

Rosen, Charles, The Romantic Generation, HarperCollins, London, 1995

Rosselli, John, Music and Musicians in Nineteenth-Century Italy, Batsford, London, 1991

Strauss, Richard (ed), Berlioz: Treatise on Instrumentation, New York, 1948

Todd, Larry, Nineteenth-Century Piano Music, Schirmer, New York, 1990

The Late Romantic Era

Anderson, Robert, Elgar, Dent, London, 1993

Avins, Styra, Johannes Brahms, Life and Letters, Oxford University Press, 1997 

Bailey, Paul (trans.), Dvorák: Symphony No. 9, Penguin, London, 1999

Between Tchaikovsky and Nadezhda von Meck, 1876–78, Oxford, 1993

Budden, Julian, Verdi, Dent, 1985

Camer, Mosco, Puccini, A Critical Biography, 3rd edition, Gerald Duckworth, London, 1992

Cooke, Deryck, I Saw The World End: A Study of Wagner’s Ring, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1979, rev. 1991

Dahlhaus, Carl, Nineteenth-Century Music, trans. J. B. Robinson, University of California Press, Berkeley and Los Angeles, 1989

Gilliam, Bryan (ed.), Richard Strauss and His World, Princeton University Press, Princeton, New Jersey, 1992

Holmes, Paul, Brahms, Omnibus Press Paperback, 1987

Kennedy, Michael, Richard Strauss, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1999

MacDonald, Malcolm, Brahms, Oxford University Press, 2000

Mann, Thomas, Pro and Contra Wagner, trans. A. Blunden with introduction by E. Heller, Faber and Faber, London, 1985

Millington, Barry (ed.), The Wagner Companion, Thames & Hudson, London, 1992

Nice, David, Tchaikovsky, Pavilion, 1997

Orlova, Alexandra (ed.), Tchaikovsky: A Self-Portrait, Oxford, 1990

Osborne, Charles, The Complete Operas of Giacomo Puccini, Victor Gollancz, London, 1981

Poznansky, Alexander, Tchaikovsky, Methuen, 1993

Samson, Jim (ed.), The Late Romantic Era, Macmillan, London, 1991

Walker, Frank, The Man Verdi, J. M. Dent, London, 1962

Watson, Derek, Master Musicians, Oxford University Press, 1996

Whittall, Arnold, Romantic Music: a Concise History from Schubert to Sibelius, Thames & Hudson, London, 1987

Wilson, Conrad, Giacomo Puccini, Phaidon Press, London, 1997

Books by Flame Tree Publishing

Brown, A. and Forey, E., Chopin: Sheet Music for Piano, Flame Tree Publishing, 2009

Charlton, A. and Brown, A., How to Read Music, Flame Tree Publishing, 2008

du Noyer, P., The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Music, Flame Tree Publishing, 2003

Heatley, M. and Brown, A., Piano Sheet Music, Flame Tree Publishing, 2009

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